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I was raised in the German mountains. May be that's why I like living in the countryside. But sometimes I need to pop to the closest town to spend a little bit of time in trendy places to find someone I'll be bringing back home to satisfy my most hidden fantasies...


Can you imagine that two years ago I was still under the sunlight, bending all men to my will with a single gaze? I was so cruel to them that, once, I even forgot a boyfriend in a hotel's room while falling physically in love with the hotel manager. I'm now a lot wiser than in those unkind days and I'm now the one who bends on guys' computers. Unfortunately, you can't catch me !

Helena Take2

Well hello there, aren't you a handsome bunch of guys! I'm Helena from Budapest, a beautiful city in the east european country of Hungary. And believe me, where I come from, women are hungary for sex! There are three times more women than men in my country and it's starting to become a serious problem. Women are getting very horny and desperate and there's just not enough men around to satisfy their sexual needs and desires. So, if any of you guys are looking for love, go to Hungary!

Helena Karel

Hello boys, I'm Helena. I was born in the city of Prague in the Czech Republic. Maybe some of you bad boys know me from the hardcore films I've starred in? Well in any case I hope you guys enjoy what I've got in store for you right here on VirtuaGirl2. It felt so good to do something different like this and seeing myself strip off on the PC screen was very funny, enjoy!