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Might think that my name doesn't sound very American. In fact it's not. My parents came over here twenty years ago from Germany. And I have to say that it's great to be a 'mixture' of two diffrent cultures. And in fact that's one thing that makes me very popular with boys...well they really like it even if the most important thing to them is my sexy body and my endless appetite for love and good looking boys...

Ellen Saint

I know that most of you guys are looking for sensual babes, ready to say yes to every wish you have. That's only your visible side! You're also all looking for nasty girls who will teach you how to treat a woman! To be 100% honest, that dark side is my favourite. It's so exciting to be each other's slave, to fulfill eachothers fantasies... Damn I'm so excited now!!


Do you have any idea why my boyfriends say that with me it's just like 'waterland'. Well, favourite place to make love is my bathroom. There, I got everything I need to reach the heights of pleasure. I love it when my lovers first wash me from tip to toe before I let them go any further. I think that it's the best way for them to introduce themselves to the most private parts of my body. Then, I just let things go and become their toy...


Hi guys, I'm Elsa, I was born and I grew up in Budapest, but I've spent most of my life in America and England. I'm a model you see and we models travel a lot! If you catch me on a night out with friends and in a good mood you might get lucky but don't count on it! I'm blonde, so very unpredictable and a firey sort of girl. I like my men intelligent, witty and with a nice body to match. Am I asking for too much? Well come on, that's what you guys want in your woman right?


Elya is French and she's studying Archeology in Paris. She's passionate about cooking and... modeling. She has an unique nature that should really impress you, as for us, we spend two wonderfull days with her :)


Hi Boys! You know the expression 'blondes have more fun'? Well it's true because every weekend when I'm out on the town with my friends, we just party party party! I get to pick whatever guy I want to bring home and I can tell you, they're never dissapointed the next morning...I like to keep in shape too, so I workout at my local gym three times a week. I just love getting all hot and sweaty and then taking a hot shower (sometimes with comapny) afterwards.. I just know you guys are gonna love my photoes, they're all for you!


Here in Europe, London's one of the trendiest places and here in London, Chelsea is one of the classiest places, full of sophisticated people. That's why I love it. Good looking wealthy people, always looking for adventure to cheer up their lives. And, for all the men here, I really look like a 'birthday present'. Know why? Well, if they're nice to me then they can ask me anything. I just do it!


With my little blond childish face, people usually think that I'm young and naive. In fact, I'm young:) Though, I'm perfectly aware of what men usually have in mind when cruising around me. I have to say that I quite like it. I'd be a fool to complain about having all these horny guys around me. The only problem is that, at the end of the day, you always have to choose. Of course, I can't take them all, so I usually pick a few of them... Want to be one of them?

Erica Rose Campbell

I've appeared in magazines and plenty of websites. I loves horseback riding and I adore sweet, funny men. I have a perfect set of 34D's, and they're all natural. And then there's those baby blue eyes. Some people say I'm the complete package! It's great to be part of VirtuaGirl, I've wanted to be on this site since 1999!


When I was a child, the male of my dream was...Mickey Mouse!! Not so suprising when you live in Orlando. But, when I turned 16, I suddenly discovered that I was bored of big ears and that I was much more interested in what average men usually think is the most attractive, bigger and stronger part of their body. I've never been disappointed!!


I was born in Havana, Cuba. It was fun growing up there although things were difficult with Fidel Castro telling everyone what to do. I escaped to Miami when I was 18 and I've been living there ever since. I like to smoke a nice cigar from time to time, what about you big boy?


After watching my videos and movies, you might think that I'm an easy girl. You're wrong. Ask my former boyfriends and you'll see that they first had to go through endless seducing games before they got me! So how can I be a porn actress you must wonder? Well, being a tough prey doesn't mean that I don't like sex! In fact, it's my main interest 'cause pleasure is what I'm always looking for. So, if you're imaginative, I'll fly you to Wonderland !


Hello beautiful knights... I left my family, hard working peasants, for the first time when I was 16, wishing to become a vocal leader in a rock band. My parents could not afford the school of music expenses, so I began working in a strip bar in Budapest. That's where I got in touch with the VGirl Team which offered me this experience... But if you want to see me for real, there is a long trip to do...


You're a great clubber? Well you'd better spend a couple of days here in London. The place is covered with clubs and pubs, with young people looking for fun and pleasure. London is definitely the place to be in Europe and if you doubt it you should come and see me strip in my club. Every night hundreds of guys are packed near the stage to see what's under my short skirt. Want to know too?