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In the town where I grew up, we all knew each other. Actually, I've never understood why I was so popular, especially at College. Once, I went out with a charming boy who made me discover my real powers. 'Everything's in your eyes ', he whispered to me sweetly. Suddenly, I realised he was absolutely right. From then, I've taken advantage of my little secret and I've succeded in building my own way of life. Agree with that guy ?


Guess you all wish you could live in a place where people are really liberated, ready for all kinds of experiences. Know what? That's where I live. Amsterdam is the town of freedom, all kinds of freedom... Everybody here thinks that making your life risky, dedicated to pleasure is great. Nobody judges you. That's why I really like it. Wanna be part of that exciting life, part of my horny dreams ?


I'm a born and bread Florida girl from Tampa Bay. Florida is a really beautiful place to grow up. We have great weather all your round and the people are very friendly. I started performing when I was 19 and I just couldn't stop. I feel like a star when up on stage doing my thing, and the guys certainly seem to like it! Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy my stripteases, they're just for you! I had a nice time with the VirtuaGirl team, those guys are so cute!


Hi, I'm Nathalie, a shy but sexy girl from St. Petersburg, in Russia. I really know what I want in life and I know how to get it! My Russian accent and beautiful body means that men from America and Europe are always asking me out on dates. I travel around Europe a lot, doing different photo shoots and performing in clubs. I love men, especially westerners... they really know how to treat a lady !


Have you ever seen such a cute Brunette around? Nella lives in Prag and she is a very famous model in her country! We really had a great time with her (and her perfect body), let's hope you'll get parts of that when she'll show up on your desktop!

Nella Take2

I was soooo happy when I've heard you were rating me as one of the most beautiful girls published here! You can imagine how excited I was when I arrived at the studios ! I can tell you I gave my best here to please you always more ! Enjoy my new sexy outfits...


We surely don't know how to use our heart and soul. We spend so much time thinking about what we can't do or won't have. I don't think that way. My philosophy is to fully live the current day. When I'm enjoying a book, picking up nice flowers or, more often, seducing a charming male, I only try to enjoy the moment and let pleasure penetrate my body and my soul. Want me to be your guide ?

Nicol H

When I came to Paris, I discovered what blond beauties have to live every day! Not a single day without beeing whistled! Or maybe it was because of my little pink dress... or because of my little top, just covering my tits... Oh anyway, it warmed me up to offer you one of my best performances!

Nikki Nova

I've been often called one of the most beautiful and sexy women on this planet. Do you agree? My amazing curves and luscious brown eyes just drive guys wild and I love exciting men when I dance! And now I'm gonna be a VirtuaGirl, can you handle me? I'll show you all the right moves and then maybe we can get to know one another a bit more personally..?

Nikky Case

I begun modeling in 2004 and I posed for Penthouse in June this year! My hobbies? I love operas and classical musics, probably cause I practice ballet dancing since I was young... Like many litlle girls, I dreamt of becoming a leading dancer! Well, at least I have a well sculpted body to offer you today! Enjoy!


Nikol seems to prefer women over men... which is ok in our book :) She likes cooking for her (female?) friends and loves French cuisine. I wonder what kind of dish she's going to serve on your desktop...


Like the way I look at you honey. Well that's exactly what my father hated in me. That's why I've moved far away from home and settle here in New Orleans, the Party Town!! Here I can just be natural and spend my days with the friends I choose... I have to say that they're mostly males!! Good looking ones! And they love the way I look at them. The immediately know what I have in mind...just like you boys!!


Africa's not only the poor and desperate continent, you're always told about. It's full of colors and life, of people enjoying their lives. And I'm one of them ! I remember my grandma, in her village, telling me that life is short and that the only thing that has to lead my life is pleasure. I've followed her advices and have become, here in Abidjan, a famous all-nighter and avid lover. So, you'd better be a strong one if you wanna seduce me...