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Lady Shade

Believe me guys, I perfectly know what it feels like to undress in front of dozens of horny dudes. But believe it or not, I just love it, just like I love to be watched when having fun with some boys and girls. Makes you uncomfortable baby? Should not. It's just the way I like it and I'm sure you'll love it too!! Just have to try to understand what I say...


If you're a techno music maniac like me, you must have heard a lot about my country. In fact, we do have the greatest parties in Europe. What I appreciate with this kind of music is the atmosphere surrounding it. Everybody's peaceful and is only looking for love and pleasure. People are just like me: very open-minded... I usually make loads of friends over there and play crazy games with all the young cheesecakes surrounding me.

Laetitia Take2

Hey guys I'm back and so glad to be. Becoming a Virtuagirl was such an experience to me that I had to be part of the new generation: Virtuagirl2. I know that you horny males have been dying to discover my hot body, my generous breast from much closer... know what? Now you can and will be able to see that the closer you get to me, the sexier I get. Can you feel the heat? I can see from where I am that you're ready for it...
(The videos from Laetitia take1 have been added to this take2)


Hello guys! My name is Laura, I'm a French lap dancer. I spent a wonderful day here stripping & dancing! I hope these professional experiences will haul up me to some US cover magazines! Wish me good lunck & vote for me!


I've been raised in a very strict atmosphere. My father and brothers have always kept an eye on me and, before last year, I knew close to nothing about men. But things have completely changed since I left the family's farm and moved to Seattle. Here, I've discovered how exciting life can be especially when you share it with a bunch of sexy men... and I still got so many things to learn!!!

Leanna Sweet

Leanna is among the new Budapest sensation. She started with Pierre Woodman and Private this year and the last you can say is she've been noticed. Believe us, she's going to put your desktop on fire...


Paris is so romantic, and the bars and clubs are really cool. I was once asked to work in the Moulin Rouge can-can club, but when they told me I couldn't do any stripteases I wasn't too interested. Anyway, enjoy my pics and videos, they're all just for you guys!


Being a stripper has completely changed my life! Now I like to get naked in front of men, see that little light in their eyes. The other day I even had my first swinging experience with two real sexy guys I had met earlier in a restaurant. One was a very muscular black guy and the other one the best looking dude I have seen in the past few years. We had a real great time and I have to say that I might become a swinging fan. So if you're interested...

Liliane Tiger

What I like in life? To do sport, shopping and to spend hours discussing with my girl friends! I love dancing too! I was 12 for my first time in disco! My philosophy? Life is short, crunch it like an apple! I think we should never loose time hesitating or discussing! Want to see my performance now?


There's a secret I'd like to share with you now that I'm a VirtuaGirl. When I was a teenager I would not accept a date from anybody. I was so worried about it that I nearly went to the doctor's. But, I then realized that it had nothing to do with men but with freedom. Now, I've changed. So, why don't you come and visit my country and its magnificent sceneries. And, if you're nice and deserves it, I might let you visit my secret gardens...


I was born 22 years ago in a village in the middle of the German Black Forest. I left it to go to university. Now that I'm a graduate, I may first go round Europe and then come back home to find a man. The first might not be the good one and I shall have to try a few before I make a choice! You might wonder why I wanna stay in my village. Well, why shall I go somewhere else: they're tall, strong...a real bunch of good looking dudes.

Linda Tran

Hi, I'm Linda Tran, your Asian girl with the best assets! It seems I'm one of the few remaining girls in cyberspace who is 100% all natural! No collagen lips, no nips, tucks or hair extensions, just real boobs and a big that's an Asian combo which is hard to come by these days! I was born in the chinese year of the monkey and grew up in the most sinful of all cities - infamous Las Vegas, Nevada.

Lisa Crawford

Can't imagine how shy I used to be. It took me years before I put a skirt on. In fact I thought nobody would ever notice me. But one day, one of my older sister brought me to a party and I then discovered that I could be successful with men. And, in fact, since then I've fully discovered the secrets of love. I can even say that I've experienced so many possibilities that now I'm absolutely sure that men are crazy about me...aren't you ?

Lisa Crawford Take 2

This is my second time in the studio. I had to negotiate with Totem for a while before it happened, but the result is really worth it:) That day of filming was really fun as we all know each other very well now (I have been answering emails for Totem for 6 months now). I hope you’ll all love my new hair colour, drop me an email if you get a chance!


You might think that I'm like almost every Brazilian girl of my age, I only think about dancing and having fun with my friends. Well, you're quite right but I usually do a lot more than dancing with my friends, especially if they're attractive young males and even if I just met them...and I have a real lot of buddies!!

Loan Laure

When I was a kid, my mother used to say that I would never find a husband.. In fact, I was very very shy. I could not even chat with a boy, well except with my brother. Then, I became a teenager and things changed. Every day, guys were coming to me, inviting me to parties, asking me to go out with them. I have to say that only the first time was difficult. Now I know how to react, what to say and what to do with good looking dudes. Want me to show you?


I have to admit that it's a bit intimidating to become a VirtuaGirl...especially when, a week ago, you were working in a video store, exactly the kind of store everybody has next door. I know a few guys who will be very surprised when the'll turn on their PCs!! I have to say that I enjoyed my previous life but I'm sure that this one wil be much more exciting! Know why: 'cause i've discovered that I love stripping!!


Hello young deers ! My name is Lolita and I was born in the suburbs of Lisbon, one of the most beautiful European city : near the sea or downtown, along the Tage river and below the old tower overhanging the city, you see a lot of beautiful girls. I've lived there a long time and finally moved to Paris. That's where I met the VirtuaGirl Team looking for 'bright and peculiar beauties'. Now I'm yours to play with as long as you enjoy my body.


I was born and grew up in London. I'm a strip dancer at StringFellows and I did severall music shows in London as Cats and Miss Shangai. I love Fitness, Aerobic and most of all Thaï Boxing which I practice every week.


Hi boys, I hope you all like a girl with an appetite for love because that's what you got right here. I'm a man-eater so watch out! Of course, I do have a gentler side and I need lots of hugs to feel loved but in general don't worry I'm as horny as a prisoner locked for 25 years! I love teasing my men, making them want me so much that they can't take it anymore and beg my for some hot love, I just love doing that!


Hi guys! I hope you all like blondes, because I'm all natural ! At the moment I'm studying to be a physical education teacher, and to pay for my studies I dance in clubs in Ottawa. I like sporty guys with a sensitive side. And you have to be intelligent for me, no dumb asses!


What's my leitmotiv? Burn your energy! What's my goal in life? Have fun! My weak spot? I'm too naïve! My strength? My faith in life! Dancing & stripping here for you has been a real pleasure and amusement! I'll come back! See you soon boys!


I've always been mad about physical pleasures and love. That's why I can say that I've already realized nearly all my fantasies. But, believe it or not, I can't get bored of it and am still looking for new partners...not only men but also women. I love to spend time with both of them...and I have to admit that the most exciting thing I've ever done is spend a night with a boy and a girl at the same time... Think you could fix something like that for us?

Lucy Love

Got a game for you ! Try to guess my age !! I can be your teen companirron as well as the femme fatale you dream of ! All is question of acting well, what I especially know how to! A few clothes and I become what you want me to do.... I hope you'll enjoy my stripteases...


Luna is the nickname a former boyfriend gave me. He used to tell me:'Please Luna, take me to the moon!' Don't know if he finally landed there but he seemed satisfied with the place I had brought him to! Oh yes, forgot to tell you guys: Lune in French means moon, so Luna... Now, that's the name I'm using as a professional stripper and seems that guys are also happy to share a little 'journey' with me when I get naked in front of them!

Lux Kassidy

Hi, my name is Lux Kassidy. I'm originally from Bakersfield, California, but now I reside in Los Angeles. My boyfriend first got me into modeling - in fact my first photoshoot was with him. Is it why I felt so confident unveiling my body, I'll never know... the rest of my career, you know all about ;-) Hope you'll enjoy my performance here... xoxo


Hi everybody. I heard you guys like nasty girls? Well, if that's the case that I think I'm going to feel right at home here on VirtuaGirl. There's nothing I wouldn't do for a boy I liked! But I do have to be impressed, you know something about you has to ignite some kind of inner sexual explosion in me but once that's done, I'm all yours, body and mind, heart and soul! So fasten your seat belts, it's gonna be one hell of a ride!


Don't you think boys are strange? My boyfriend, for example, was always asking me for shooting nude photos, or posing as a nude model for him. But since I did it for the virtuagirl team, he doesn't want to ear any more about that! But I don't mind, indeed... I had so much fun with them that I decided to go on that way with or without his agreement... That was so exciting, I will never thank enough my friend Zofia, who introduced me to this world!