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Shy boys, here is a tale my grandmother used to tell me when I was a little girl. Once upon a time in a fairy world, Arcadia, lived a tall and beautiful young girl. Her favorite game was to follow people wandering in the magic forest. She would hide behind a tree, laugh at woodcutters and smile at young boys. Guess what? I think she was what I've always wanted to become. So, here I am!!!


My parents have always told me that taboos are the worse thing on earth, especially when you have a nice body... May be that's why I've always been very successful with guys. The other day, I was at the public bath with a friend of mine and a bunch of 6 guys came to us, asking us if we'd like to come to their place to have fun. You should have seen their faces when we said: 'sure but hope that you're real fit 'cause we're the two greediest chicks in town'... We had a nice time!


Even if I'm still leaving with my parents, that doesn't mean that I can't live my life like I choose to. In fact, my parents are very easy with me and I can bring whoever I choose to in my room. Everybody knows in my family that I'm real crazy about men ! That means that I bring loads of guys to my place. Sometimes, when we wanna have real fun, I share some of them with my greedy sister...and, believe me, nobody has ever complained about it !


Belicia is known as 'the eastern bombe'. The words used to describe her are : adorable, irresistible, friendly, sensual, cheerful, etc. She's the kind of woman who knows exactly what she wants and her self confidence gives her a real talent to strip and arouse desire! She says that she has no fantasies, because she does whatever she wants...

Betty Love

I love to live in trendy places, in an electrfied atmosphere. That's why I decided two years ago to settle in Frisco. I'm currently working as a waitress in a club in the Gay area. On my days off, I love to wander round the place but rather in places overcrowded with real studs looking for adventure with some hot babes like me... And believe me there's also tons of guys like that in Frisco. In fact, I still thousands left to try!!


Hey guys, you have no idea how honoured I feel being the 200th VirtuaGirl! Wow, that is a lot of girls to have stripping for you! Well I hope you're not dissapointed, I don't think you will be anyway when you see my animations, photos and videos. It was a real pleasure working with the guys from Virtuagirl, they really spoilt me and treated me like a queen. Aparently they chose me from a lot of other girls to be 200th girl. I'm so proud, so don't forget our intimate rendez vous in a few days time!


Boroka is the new wonder of Pierre Woodman. She came to Paris to film her first XXX rated movie with him and we have been lucky enough to film her while she was here... She told us she currently has no other interest in life than being a porn actress...and given what she did for us, we're perfectly ok with that :)


It's already freezing cold over here but as you might already know, we've found a way to warm us up... First of all you need a whole bunch of nasty friends. Then, you all get naked and start to do a little bit of 'group exercice'... It sometime is so cold round here that it has to last a couple of hours before you feel relieved and confortable! If that's not enough, you can still join us in the sauna...


Hello boys! I grew up in the capital city of Hungary, a beautiful city called Budapest. Some of the most beautiful women in the world are in Hungary , so for all you lonely guys out there looking for love, come to my country! Hungarian women just love to meet foreign guys and party all night long. I hope you will enjoy the pictures and videos and my stripteases. I had great fun with the photographer, yes we got very close and had some fun together, I'll let your imagination take over! Enjoy!


I've always loved toys, any kind of toys. Now that I'm an adult I still do even if my toys are now a little bit different. I have a huge collection back at home and love to play with them. Though, my favourite toy is you! There's nothing like a good looking horny guy ready for real action. But if you're shy, don't worry cause you can come with your friends. I also enjoy playing with several toys at the same time. Interested?


Summer in Greece is the best thing on earth. Thousands of tanned and good looking guys coming from all around the world and looking for one single thing: pleasure... same as me! Life is just so crazy. One or several guys a day, on the beach, at the hotel, almost everywhere...

Bunny luv

So you finally decided to take a closer look. Welcome to The VirtuaGirl secret corridors. We're kind of a strip team here. We're a whole team now and there's so many things we could share with you: our most private intimacy, our innocence and our lust mixed in a so unique and entertaining show. VirtuaGirl is are we. So come and crunch into it.