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I was raised in the countryside, in a place called the Thousand Hills, such a beautiful place... My father used to hide me. He didn't want the neighbours to know about what he called my 'evil beauty'. When I finally left home and moved in town, I discovered that my body was my future and my 'treasure'. Come and share it with me!!


Hello boys, I really hope you like tall blondes from Sweden! I grew up in a little town just outside of Stockholm. A lot of people have saunas in their house in Sweden. In winter in we like spending a lot of time in there and then running out naked into the snow to cool off quicky before we run back into the warmth of the sauna. Me and my boyfriend always got up to really kinky stuff in there, now I can't live without a sauna in my house!


You want to know a bit more about me ?... Well, I'm from the Czech Republic, I'm 22 and began gogo dancing a couple of years ago. I learned over the years how to develop my mystery and the depth of my look. I still dream of getting a role in an international movie... do you think I shoudn't?


What suprises me when travelling through the world, is the image most people have of my country . They think that we're a bunch of old fashionned, peaceful but strict people. If you're also like that, I suggest you come to Delhi. In India, there are more movies produced each year than in Hollywood ! And, believe me, the actresses are also very hot. Like any girl anywhere else, I'm always looking for fun and pleasure. Love and sex are definitely the main things !


When I still was at school, all my mates thought I was some kind of hot and easy chick! And, in fact, they were absolutely...right! But, let me tell you that I was right to do so 'cause now my lovers just can't realize how hot I can be! The only thing they can be sure is that they'll never get burnt!! And they'll never get enough of it. Just like me!! So, if you wanna become one of my new partners, just come over!


NYC is the party capital of the world, it's really the best city I think. So many things to do, so many men to meet. But I'm a bit bored with them now, I'd like to try some other nationalities, where are you from sweety? Maybe we could get to know each other a bit better!


Mandy was the first ever VirtuaGirl, back in 1998. We are very proud to be able to republish her today. In her animations and photos you can see that we were really experimenting with the VirtuaGirl software which was being developed at the time. So, although the quality of her animations may not be as modern as today's babes, we hope you'll get a kick out of knowing that she was the very first girl we ever shot!


Hi guys! My name is Marge, I'm a student in Economics. It's not cause I know how to count that I don't know how to please... it's even the contrary cause I can tell you university is full of demanding guys to convince... Guess the rate they gave me.....


Marie have been with us in the studio for almost three days .She's the sweetest angel you can think of. Always happy and smiling, very nice and helpfull, making jokes and all. As soon as she hits the stage, she turns into a wild cat, there is now other way to describe her, you'll see.


Don't know if you've ever been to eastern Europe but I think you should. There you'll meet babes just like me: good looking blondes and brunettes looking for new experiences and eager to meet sexy foreigners like you. Keep in mind that we're not easy chicks, we're just curious and love to party and spend time with people from around the world, especially if they are good looking males like you...

Marketa B

I begun ballet dancing when I was four! Of course first years were more fun than real dancing but it prepared me to learn how to express my feminine grace... I quickly became aware of the effect I was having on men, especially when my body begun to transform me into a sensual woman... Have a look to the result !


I'm so mad about men that I've now been travelling round the world for two years to discover the mysteries of men. After all that time, I now know that each man is absolutely unique. That's my main problem: I know that I won't be able to try them all...even if I'm doing my best. But you know what? I'm still deeply hungry for love and ready to dedicate my life to it...

Maud Kennedy

Lions and tigers from every country, beware! My name's Maud and you'd better mind the animations you're about to download! I'm not one of those girls you can get rid of by just clicking... I won't let you make me disappear! Let me tell you that I'll do my best to stay and strip as long as I can on your desktop. So, take it or leave it!!


When a teen, I thought I was kind of strange, different. I only had a couple of friends cause my classmates couldn't understand how I could be equally attracted by boys and girls. From my point of view a man and a woman are equally but differently appealing. The pleasure I get with women is more psychological while it's more physical with guys. But they're both strong and pleasure is even bigger when I'm having fun with both of them !


I was born in a very conservative family and wasn't able to meet boys before I went to college! That's why, when I turned 21, I've decided to move to New York. And, believe me, that's the best idea I've ever had! Here, I can just be what I really want to be. I've never been able to choose between boys and girls. I love both! So, now, I don't have to choose and can spend all my nights with the girls and males of my dreams...very wet dreams!!!


I'm Melina and I'm studying theatre at the university of Beirut. I love to play all sorts of characters and when I was proposed to become a member of the VirtuaGirl Club, I realized that I was offered a great opportunity. At the beginning of the shooting I wasn't feeling so comfortable naked in front of the camera, but I quickly learned to enjoy it. Imagining the pleasure I was giving to thousands of guys round the world...

Melissa Lauren

It all started with a few pictures I put on the internet. The very next day I had a photographer contacting me for a shooting in his appartment. He enjoyed the shooting so much he almost dropped his camera.

Mia Stone

Hi guys, I'm Mia from London, England. I have heard a lot of rumours about English girls being 'easy', well you know what? It's true ! We love going out with guys and showing them a good time, what's wrong with that? I've never heard anyone complain..


If you have read Michael Strogoff when you were a kid, you'll probably remember that, after being pursued by thousands of rebel Tartars, he finally ended his long trip in my home town and reached his goal at last. So did I when I joined the amazing Virtuagirl team. I'm so delighted that I will never forget the hot moments I spent with all the guys there. I'm sure you'll see me soon in more Vgirl thrilling adventures...

Mili Jay

Hey guys. I'm sure some of you know me from some of the hottest adult films that are out there at the moment. It's true that I like to have sex, it's a real relaxing pass time for me. I have a big appetite for guys! When I was asked if I'd like to become a VirtuaGirl, I jumped at the opportunity. Nearly all of my girlfriends who are strippers or porn stars have done it so I just had to get my chance. Anyway, I had a great time with the VirtuaGirl team, they really know how to treat a lady, hope you enjoy my animations, photos and videos!


Hi guys! I hope you'll enjoy as much as me the day I spent here stripping for you! I'm in the business for a couple years now and my plans are to spend another 5 yeas modeling before 'coming back' to a non nude life! Keep my pics and vids, they'll soon be very much sought-after )))


Hello everybody! I'm Misty and I'm here to show you all just what I'm made of. That basically means a nice pair of juicy breasts, a soft pussy and an ass sent straight from heaven! I know I may seem a bit forward but that's just the way I am, I don't like beating around the bush, if you'll excuse the pun! I just like having a good time and meeting new guys! So enjoy my photos, videos and animations and I hope you'll like what you see, in fact I know you will!


I guess that, wherever you are in the world, you all have heard about my hometown, thanks to Bill ! But have you ever heard about the incredible beauties you can meet over here. No, I'm not kidding. I don't know why but whatever you're looking for, blondes, blacks, you'll find it...or, at least you'll see it ! 'cause don't think it's gonna be easy. Over here, we're real hot but you first have to deserve us and prove us that you're strong enough to satisfy all our fantasies...

Monica Scott

I don't know which of my body or my ocean eyes decided my first agent to work for me but I can tell you I'm very thanksfull! I found my way... Dancing & stripping is exactly what I wanted to do! I'm a very wild business woman outside but I'm as hot as wild when I strip... come and download me...

Monica Take2

Hi guys! I'm soooo happy to come back and strip for you here today! I have the feeling my last come was ages ago! I travelled all over the world, posing here and there for amazing photographers, in solo sets, with other beauties... I live in a dream, and my day here keeps me in! Enjoy my performance!


My body is 100% beautiful and natural. Everything! If you don't believe me you just have to try check by yourself and try me. That's what I usually tell guys cruising around me in clubs. That's how I usually end up with several horny guys in my flat and in my bed. Mother nature was so generous with me that I have to give a little bit back!


My first relation with a man is only one year old but I have to say that the pleasure I'm feeling each time is so intense that I have, one way or another, to find a new partner every night. That's why I've learnt everything about xxx games so fast and why I'm not ready yet to choose one guy!!