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G'day guys! I'm a traditional aussie gal and I like my men rugged and ready to go. You have to be strong but with a big heart. I like to be cuddled at night. And if you're nice to me, well let's just say I know how to show a man a good time.


Hi there guys! I'm really desperate to find a nice boyfriend. I've tried everything..placing personal ads, dancing in stripclubs..But all I find are old, fat business men. I need a young fit man who can satisfy my wildest desires! What's your name?

Dana V

At just 22, I think I've accomplished a lot in life. I've broken too many hearts to remember, and become a well paid model, which is paying for me medical studies at University. I jumped at the chance to be VirtuaGirl, who wouldn't? I hope you guys are gonna like my stripteases..


'Living in a world of madness, living in a world of freedom'. These are the two main things to keep in mind when you want to know who you are and what to do. How many times did I try to change the world, getting angry with my friends, family, neighbors or whoever. Since I've visited eastern Asia, I've understood the meanings of life. Take what comes, enjoy the day. Love is the main thing and my body was made for it. Doubt it?

Daria Glover

Hello Boys! I'm Daria and I'm here to please you! I know I look like a shy girl but I'm sure you'll guess what I have in mind when stripping for you... It's amazing how lonely I felt after a few stripteases alone here... I wish I had one of you there...


I grew up in a small town in North Carolina. I didn't have a boyfriend until the age of 19. But since then I think I've made up for lost time. Travelling around in this business you meet so many cute guys, I just can't seem to control myself these days..


Hi boys, I left my family, hard working peasants, for the first time when I was 16, wishing to become a vocal leader in a rock band. My parents could not afford the school of music expenses, so I began working in a strip bar in Budapest. That's where I got in touch with the VGirl Team which offered me this experience... But if you want to see me for real, there is a long trip to do...


I've always been very active in life, dreaming of a future where women would be the leaders! And I must admit doors have always been opened for me, maybe cause of my will, maybe cause of my pulpy body too... I begun modeling and then I discovered the pleasure I had to expose my naked body to wanting eyes - Now I really feel I lead the World...

Denisa K

Hi, my name is Denisa, I'm from Czech Republic and I begun modelling a few years ago. My first job was as a hostess in a big cars exhibition in Praha. I met a photographer there (yes most of men love cars & girls...) and it launched my career. You can imagine how it sounded funny when I've been proposed this shooting with a lamborghini... I don't know why, my destiny is linked to cars !... Enjoy my performance!


Why did I become a professional stripper? Well, I suppose because, first of all, I have everything a man is looking for: sexy body and a real temper... Then, I have to say that I love to feel people's eyes on me. That's how I've discovered that seducing a girlfriend is the easiest way to get the boyfriend. Then, I love to have both taking care of me. And I have to say that it has lead me to unbelievable experiences...


Hi Boys, I'm here to wish you all the sexiest Halloween ever! I really hope that you and your lover get dressed up in the kinkiest gear and make out all night long! If you don't have a lover, then that's what I'm here for to keep you company during the Halloween period. I could be your witch and cast the most erotic spells over you and make your body my object of desire!

Devin Devasquez

Hey guys, Devin here, hope you're all doing fine! I was discovered by Playboy while attending College at LSU. I then went on to become Playboy's Miss June 1985 and won $100,000 as the Spokesmodel Champion on 'Star Search' which is now back on the air! Recently, I have directed and produced a video 'Devin Devasquez 2000' and I am now doing a documentary on the pinup girl called, 'PinUp Stars of the 21st Century' as well as being named 'An American Sex Idol' and one of the '25 Sexiest Women of 2003' by Celebrity Sleuth Magazine.


If you've never come to Salvador de Bahia in Brazil, you don't know how people can be mad about music. In my colorful hometown, music is everywhere and everyone keeps on dancing. I'm sure that you'd love it 'cause it's real hot and sexy dancing, guys shaking their hips and chicks wiggling their bums...And what makes it even hotter is that we usually only wear very tight shorts or the very famous 'Brazilian' swimsuit. But I'm sure you've heard about that one !


You might have never heard about my country but if I tell you that it's a tiny island in the Mediterranean Sea, you all gone start dreaming of young, hot and tanned cuties. And you're right 'cause me and my mates are real welcoming to foreigners. In fact, we're always delighted to learn about your exotic and secret love habits and try them... So if you wanna be our teachers come and visit us !


Know why so many people come to the French Riviera? Because of the sun and the sea but also because of all the sexy chicks they're able to meet round here. And, I really know what I'm talking about 'cause I'm one of the tourists' favourite preys. Not so suprising 'cause they can easily see that I'm interested in men, and especially greedy ones like you!! They also perfectly know that their friends are more than welcome...


Don't be fooled by this angel face, Djana has always been an exhibitionist. After sending snapshots to various photographers she got many responses in no time. VirtuaGirl was her first choice so it's time now to discover her wild side!


Living in Tijuana is great. I can at the same time enjoy the warmth of Mexicans, their incredible way of life and also the American side of the border. It means that, thanks to that, I've been able to fullfil all my deepest fantasies with all kinds of males. And I really can't make up my mind. I both enjoy having fun with a hot Mexican lover but I also love the arms of my attractive Gringos...So, I'm having both!!


Hi guys, I'm from Hungary, a country full of women hungry for men! It is actually a very beautiful land with magnificent scenery, including us beautiful women! If you're looking for the woman of your dreams, then you should definitely think about a vacation to Hungary! The people are simple, ready to party and we love to have a laugh! Anyway, enjoy my animations, pics & videos, I was so horny filming them it was unbelievable!


I'm just a sweet country girl from a small town just outside of Alabama. Us southern gals really know how to show a guy a good time. I'd just love to roll about in the hay all day with one of you cuties! Anyway, it's great to be part of the VirtuaGirl site, my daddy will be so proud!


Hello boys, are you sitting comfortable? My name is Dorina, I'm 22 years old and I live in Austin, Texas. Like all good old fashioned southern girls I like the quiet life. I also like quiet shy men, as they are always the best lovers! I had my first sexual experience when I was 18 and boy I don't think I'll ever forget it, it was with a girl! From that day on, I knew I had a certain taste for both sexes. Which means I have a very exciting love life!


I love Saturdays. Each week I meet a couple of friends in bars and restaurants of my neighbourhood. There, we chat about the past week, tell each other what we did, where we went, who we met... After a few drinks, we usually start our men's hunt in the town's trendiest clubs. Last year, me and my friends have even started a real exciting contest. By the end of 2002, we shall meet in my flat and see who's been the most successful with guys. And, at the moment, I'm far ahead...


Life is so exciting here in NYC! So many things to see, so many things to do and above all, so many people to meet. Know what I mean? Thousands of good looking dudes to go out with and dozens of horny experiences for the coming years. Dogs life!