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If you're looking for great weather, my country's the best place to go to, all year long, in Europe. Wherever you go, mountains are overviewing a deep blue sea ! And I let you imagine what you can see on the beaches during the week-ends. 'cause if you like pets, I mean real sexy ones, with all you would ask for, black hair, dark eyes, nice tits, my country's just like paradise...well as long as you don't have to deal with our brothers...Don't worry, I won't tell mine !


Hey guys! It's great to be part of such a cool site. I know so many models and stars who've been Virtuagirls and now it's my turn, I can't believe it! I'm just a simple New Jersey girl with a big appetite for cute guys..


The two very first things every man asks me are if I'm a natural blond and where I come from . Well, the answers are yes and from Belgium. I grew up near Liege and I've alsways been pationate about dancing. I work out (mostly fitness and dancing) up to 5 times a week, I hope you guys will enjoy seeing me dancing for you!


I own two Strip clubs, one on Kiev and one in Bucharest. Some nights I even dance there myself, the other girls and the guys in the club really love to see the boss going crazy on the stage! When I'm not working, I like to go to bars and meet men. When they hear that I run my own Strip club, they can hardly believe it, until I take them home and give them a private dance…then they get the idea !


Hi there, I'm Kate! It's a real pleasure to meet all you horny boys. I have to say that I love stripping in front of people, I don't know why! Since I as young i was always pulling my skirt up and often walked around the house just in my panties. My parents are very liberal so they didn't mind. I started dating quite young and soon got real hunger for men. Now I simply can't get enough sex, I know it sounds weird, but I can't explain it, I think I'm a sexaholic!


Hi! My name's Katia. I've been a VirtuaGirl since I met Julia. We were both attending a self-defense lesson and she told me about her delightful double life. Physically and virtually interplaying with people seemed so fun that I decided to join the team. So here I am. Desktop's ready?


Wanna know why I like it so much to live in Miami? Well that's quite simple. I love the sun and the beach. I like to wear short clothes and tiny tops! That's why Miami is the perfect place. The sun's always shining and girls are all like me taking great care of their bodies 'cause they know that it's the best way to seduce guys. And, believe me, we got plenty of really sexy and horny men over here...


I remember my mother used to shout at me when I was 13 cause I could not stop smiling at people in the street, especially men... Well men used to smile at me all the time I must admit... I don't know why, I'm like a magnet for men's eyes... This is how I naturally came to gogo dancing... Enjoy my performance here !


Kianty is a tiny cute blonde exibitionist who loves to have fun. She told us she would wear ultra short skirts in public places just for fun. Her next show will take place... immediately, on your desktop!


When a child, people in my village used to treat me like their little princess. In fact, my father was chief of the village but, besides, I was a cute, polite and shy little girl. Now, in Phuket, I've become the Queen of the Night ! Each night, at the Dancing Beauty, I dance and strip for thousands of guys coming from every where round the world. In front of those bulging eyes, I know that, thanks to my childish body, I can get whatever I ask for, and go wherever I choose to !


I'm addicted to dating personals service. When it comes to describe the type of man I'm looking for, I use a few key sentences that prove to be very efficient to fill up my mailbox. Will you be my next date?


I was a cheerleader in college, so I generally had a lot of boyfriends. Guys were always askig me out on dates, but I only chose the ones who were really sincere, and who didn't want to just use me for my body. I'm attracted by a man with intelligence and wit.


I'm still a student, I got three more years before becoming a teacher in London. I have been traveling a lot the last five years, working mostly as a model for a few different fashion companies. I got a boyfriend in London, but he is very open minded and let me live my life when I'm traveling...


You're dreaming of an exotic island with white sand, a deep blue see and palm trees everywhere. You're also dreaming of a place packed with gorgeous horny babies? Well, Mauritius is the right place to go to. I have to say that we are very liberated people and usually like to share with others, especially with young and sexy guys from the US or Europe. We got so much to learn from each others. Feel like a little pop to my island?


If you've never heard about my country, you sure have missed something, especially if you're mad about good looking girls like me!! In fact, Estonian chicks are famous all around Europe for their beauty, may be the most seductive blond girls. Because I know what you're all looking for I'm gonna tell you a secret: Do you know why guys are so crazy about us? Because we're real damned hot and definitely not afraid of what they might ask us...


I'm the daughter of a Vietnamese woman and of an American soldier who decided to come back and settle here in Vietnam. I can now enjoy and take advantage of both cultures. Like every vietnamese girl, I'm very shy. But, at night, I become a real male hunter. My 'western side' makes me greedy for love. In fact, I've always been told that life has to be a game and that I just have little time to enjoy it and to have tons of experiences...

Kyla Cole

Hi Guys! I'm just a simple girl who likes getting naked in front of the cameras. I was the Penthouse Pet in March 2000 and now it's great fun to be doing VirtuaGirl2! I hope you'll like my animations, photos and videos!

Kyla Cole Take2

Kyla was in Paris a few weeks ago and give us a phone call. Next thing you know she was in our studio for another five nasty outfits. She really is one of the sweetest girls around, she can come back anytime! Meanwhile, we hope you'll enjoy her as much as we did ;)